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SCGA Designation: The Society of CGA establishes and administers the sophisticated criteria by which professional claims adjusters can qualify to receive the CGA Designation, which formally recognizes their professional achievements in education, professional ethics, and years of service.

SCGA is also providing a fast track for those CGA members looking for employment. This phase of our work is important to our members as a way to insure employers will be getting the best of the best and warrant higher commission's for the work completed by a CGA rather than a newby adjuster with little or no true adjusting experience.

We aid our members in marketing to insurance companies, that's one thing we do, we advertise on several insurance industry web sites that many IA firms and insurer's research everyday.

We are who you turn to, that's one of the benefits of being part of a society that has specific experienced people rather than just some social claims site. Much like our Flood portion of the Society which has the ear of NFIP/FEMA, many come to us first to find members to handle large loss assignments before they merely assign claims to just a local adjusting firm.

We don't send out anybody, we're not a staffing firm. We certify through our process that our members are qualified and need no further vetting, that an insurer understands that when a CGA adjuster seeks work, that said CGA adjuster not only meets, but exceeds the standards they may be looking for. We also reply to all inquires from insurer's to verify that the CGA adjuster is a member in good standing and comes with our high recommendation.